Tenant Directory Signboard

Tenant directory signboard Singapore is considered as one of the most widely used signage in building lobbies today. Purposed to fit a series of names and signs in one, these signboards are divided into slots.

If you are in need of a signboard which can feature more than just a couple of lines of information, then a tenant directory signboard is what you need. Attractive and practical, these boards can accommodate arrays of information and can work as a directory for visitors.

Leadz Graphic & Production offers directory signboards that let your visitors know exactly where everything is in a room or building.

Imparting Service Information through a Tenant Directory Signboard

Buildings and housing complexes include multiple tenants that have a comprehensive directory about the location of their occupants. A directory in the lobby helps visitors find out the location of the concerned people easily at a glance. That’s the job of a tenant directory signboard Singapore. It helps visitors find out which floor of the building a tenant is at and what unit they are occupying.

But tenant directories are also used in commercial buildings which are rented by businesses and professionals. In those places, a directory serves to direct the visitors to the concerned business or professional.

Big firms also have tenant directories to help people find their way to the offices of the all their employees and associates. Attorney firms use these directories to lead their visitors to the suites of their attorneys directly.

Our Directory Signage

We know that your organization is just as unique as the professionals working there. So, we bring to you a variety of directorial signage that assist people in their day to day processes. Finding the suite of a professional on a floor to finding the way to a certain room, our directories do it all. Here are some of the features about our directory signage that our clients like the most.

  • Our range of signage are precise and succinct.
  • Our signs serve to make the daily processes easy and in the end, improve the efficiency of your office.
  • All our directory boards, on the catalogue or customized have easily changeable boards.
  • The directories have their own clear lenses that make insert replacement easy.
  • They come in a variety of styles ranging from pillars to metal posts.
  • Our directories are designed to aid wayfinding in big corporations.

Why Buy from Us

The best features of our Tenant directory signboard Singapore may not be sufficient alone to convince you to buy our products. Here are some additional reasons that may make choosing us a reasonable thing to do:

  • As large as our inventory is, we also have tons of custom projects under our belt.
  • We follow a lenient pricing policy to make sure that our customers are always at ease.
  • All our directory signboards are easy to install.
  • Our directory boards can be changed easily and without help.

Our signboards are not just useful, but also stylish and make excellent additions to building projects.