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Nameplates Singapore

Whatever your business domain be, it behooves an entrepreneur to use some form of labeling to impart information about his or her company. Nameplates Singapore are a popular form of labeling used across industries for aesthetic, commercial and industrial purposes. It’s a bold and straightforward way of relaying information without people having to ask.

At Leadz Graphic & Production, we bring to you a wide collection of nameplates that ensure a unique and lasting way of displaying information.

Types of Name Plates

We keep a wide variety of nameplates in our inventory with the purpose of making it a one-stop shop for all our buyers. Here are some of the types we have on our catalogue right now:

  • Corporate nameplates: These are for companies trying to grab the attention of the passerby without using anything too bold and flashy. Corporate nameplates Singapore come in a number of styles and sizes. These can be fitted on the walls with the use of frames or stuck to a surface with adhesive.
  • Product Identification Plates: In certain circumstances, a business needs to keep identification information of its products visible at all times. This is an industry protocol that every concerned business needs to follow. We offer nameplates for this regulatory standard with which businesses can display their product information at all times.
  • Door Plates: If you are an important person in an organization, then door plates are what you need to engrave.  These plates would include your title and designation attached on the door of your cabin. These are set in the door at minimum invasion and can be taken down similarly.

Industries That Most Buy Our Nameplates

Nameplates are used in all industries, but we have noticed that a majority of our buyers come from certain domains. Here are some of the industries, and businesses that buy our nameplates.

  • Automobiles: Nameplates and doorplates are a mainstay in this industry.
  • Appliances: Normally, appliances come with metal tags that make the appliance industry one of our key buyers.
  • Warehousing: Warehouses need to put up regulatory requirements where everyone can see them. That makes nameplates a common requirement.

Our Chosen Material

Leadz Graphic & Production use aluminum for all its nameplates. The reason for that is more than just one. All our nameplates have this as their base metal because, for one, aluminum is common and easily available, and for another, it is a great and inexpensive alternative to pure metals. It is pliant and therefore a great metal to work with when doing intricate details and etching.