Illuminated Signboards

Illuminated Signboard Singapore

If you own a business, you already know that high-quality signage is the secret to drawing people’s attention to your business. The good news is, signage comes at a far smaller expense than many other modes of advertisement, but yield the same results as others.

Leadz Graphic & Production brings to you a line of big bright signboards that are illuminated to pop day and night. Designed to stand out, fabricated to earn impressions and made to install easily, our signage are each a work of art.

Run over your local regulations to find out which signage is best suited in your situation.

Why Use an Illuminated Signboard?

If you are fairly satisfied with the traditional forms of advertisement, you are missing out on your chance to get more out of your investment. Illuminated signboard Singapore is so much more than the typical outdoor signage you see around you. They offer more returns than most advertisement tools in its price point. So, if you are debating whether to use these for your business, here are some reasons:

  • Illuminated signage bring to businesses infinite branding opportunities. The possibilities with these signboards are virtually limitless. You can choose your color options, light brightness, accents and much more to tailor it as narrowly as possible to your branding requirements.
  • Illuminate signboards are cost-effective, and that makes them the perfect alternative to other lighted signboards. These ones use LED up lighting which brings down the cost. They are currently one of the most economical solutions in outdoor advertisement.
  • Illuminating signboards are fully safe. They do not interfere, nor compromise the day to day activities of a place or people. They only feature helpful information aiding people in their operations.

Best Features of Our Illuminate Signboards

  • We bring to you an extraordinarily big range of signage.
  • Our signboards are low voltage, i.e., power-efficient.
  • They have dimming controls which allow you to adjust the brightness of your signboard.
  • Our signboards are color customizable, meaning you can feature any combination of colors you like on them.

If you are planning to use illuminated signboard Singapore for your business, be sure to get in touch with our representatives who are available online all day to assist you. Talk to them about your customization plans or ask them for a quote for your kind of billboard. They will help you in any way they can getting the best tool of advertisement for your business.